Nato's utenriksministermøte i Oslo

Publisert: 31/May/23 oppdatert: 31/May/23
En minneverdig og viktig dag
NATOs utenriksministre og ambassadører er i Oslo. Onsdag 31/5 besøkte de minnesmerke i Regjeringskvartalet. Det var kranser ved minnesmerke fra Regjeringen, NATOs medlemsland og Støttegruppen/AUF. Jonas Gahr Støre, Jens Stoltenberg og styreleder i Støttegruppen 22. juliLisbeth Røyneland hadde taler. Alle utenriksministerne la ned roser.
Her er talen Lisbeth Røyneland holdt på vegne av støttegruppen:


Ladies and gentlemen
In a world where we see too many democracies under pressure –
- more extremism,
- many forms of radicalization and more hate speech,
- a war in Ukraine killing and wounding innocent people,
it is important that all of you are here today.
As the leader of the Norwegian support group, I want to point out the importance of groups and organizations of victims of terrorism.
We have become involuntary experts, with knowledge and competence we never wanted.
At the same time, it is important that you, in all of your countries, listen to victims organizations like the one I represent.
The power of connections between victims across borders are essential for us, and for the fight against terrorism and radicalization.
I call on you to include us into your dialogues and listen to perspectives we involuntarily have – BUT voluntarily share with you.
Those wounded - and us left behind - have experienced that it takes time to make systems that actually assist those affected by terror attacks.
In Norway, we have a good dialogue - and political leadership - willing to listen, but almost 12 years later there are still issues to be dealt with.
With this perspective - we share both our continued challenges as well as our successes.
In a democracy we have room for those discussions and for that critical thinking.
We will keep working because we have made a promise.
Never be silent! – Never forget!
Foto: Nato/UD